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Situ Determination of Soil Modulus and Damping as a Function of Level of Strain

Principal Investigator: Giovanna Biscontin, Texas A&M University

This project consists of two stages:

The desired duration of the project is 3 years.

During the first year it is expected that most of the activity will be in the experimental part. The numerical work will be limited to implementation of modifications in the existing software, the identification and selection of a small set of system identification procedures, and the initiation of the parametric studies to assess the applicability and accuracy of these procedures. The experimental work during the first year will consist of the initial determination of soil properties at the site using the SASW method, the collection of soil samples for the laboratory tests, the lab testing and initial tests on a mat under small levels of vibration to calibrate the experimental set up and the computer software.

During the second year the activity will be equally divided between experimental and numerical work. Field tests will be conducted to determine the response of the mat to loads with different frequencies and amplitudes well into the nonlinear range. Numerical simulations will be conducted first with the data from the small amplitude tests to calibrate the model, then with the data from higher amplitude tests.

The work during the first half of the third and last year will be primarily of a numerical nature although some additional laboratory and field tests might be necessary depending on the results obtained or the need to clarify some points, repeat some tests with unexpected results, etc. As the results of the numerical studies become available it is expected to have frequent meetings of all Pi's to compare them with the laboratory data and reach conclusions and recommendations. The work during the second half of the year will be devoted to summarizing the results, preparing recommendations and producing the final reports and technical papers.