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State and Properties of Recently Liquefied Sands and the Associated Quality Assurance (QA) Metric for Evaluating Remedially Densified Sands that Accounts for Aging Effects

Principal Investigator: Russell A. Green, University of Michigan

The overall objective of the proposed research is to improve the understanding of the sand aging mechanisms and to better quantify aging influences on engineering properties. Towards this end, the proposed research is subdivided into the following five Tasks, involving synerg istic field and laboratory investigations:

  1. Site characterization
  2. Field aging study: induction of liquefaction by explosives, vibrocompaction and vibroseis and the monitoring of post-liquefaction time-dependent changes in state and engineering properties in the post-liquefied sand
  3. Laboratory study to quantify scale effects
  4. Parametric study in the laboratory to discern and quantify the influence of each variable on aging.
  5. Development of an analytical model for a QA metric for remedially densified sand that accounts for aging effects